We are inviting applications for a fully funded PhD studentship in the Doctoral College “Imaging the Mind” (https://phdim.ccns.sbg.ac.at/) at the University of Salzburg. The research topic “Fetal programming and high-density baby EEG“.

Description of the research program on “Fetal programming and high-density baby EEG”:
This project focusses on the formation of prenatal memory as well as the early development of cognition and attachment. In particular, the project will focus on auditory processing of (prenatally acquired) familiar and unfamiliar stimuli in newborns and toddlers. Today it is well-known that even newborns have considerable cognitive resources. They for example prefer their mother’s voice over that of female strangers and can discriminate between different languages at birth. Because these astonishing cognitive abilities are observed a few hours after birth already, they are likely to be developed already before birth. In the current project we intend to focus on early auditory processing and the formation of memories using hdEEG, ECG and videography.  Moreover, the earliest stages of development of cognitive abilities and attachment are thought to be significantly influenced by maternal strain (including stress, depression or anxiety) during pregnancy wherefore we intend to also focus on these aspects throughout our upcoming studies.

The Doctoral College will admit students for the upcoming winter semester (1st October 2019) and offers numerous benefits to its students: salary for a period of 3 to 4 years (including health and social insurance), equipped work space, cover of research consumables, specific technological training courses (e.g. fMRI, EEG, MEG), presentation, writing and teaching skill training, full funding of congress participation, workshops and international courses, including stays in foreign partner laboratories.

Candidates must hold a master’s degree or equivalent with a relevant specialization in one of the above listed academic areas of the programme at the time of entry. Prior application is possible. The language of the graduate programme (teaching) is English; hence English proficiency is indispensable. Good command of German language would be a great benefit as the experimental work in lab will be with German-speaking mothers and their infants.

Name of department/lab
University of Salzburg
Department of Psychology
Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience Salzburg (CCNS)

Name of supervisor
Manuel Schabus, Univ.-Prof., Dr. ()
Laboratory for “Sleep, Cognition and Consciousness Research”
Website: www.sleepscience.at

Deadline for applications: 15.7.2019