The Developmental Area in the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University<> is recruiting 4-5 graduate students for 2020-2021. Faculty considering new students are: Viridiana Benitez, Leah Doane, Thao Ha, Frank Infurna, Kathryn Lemery-Chalfant, Kelsey Lucca, Armando Pina, Jinni Su. Faculty interests include: learning, language, the development of curiosity in infants and toddlers, parent-child and romantic relationships, resilience across the lifespan and healthy aging, the development of psychopathology, developmental behavior genetics, daily experiences of children and adolescents, implementation of developmental interventions to promote positive youth development, physiological stress processes, and sleep.
Learn more from our website<>, this video, and applications page<>. Our deadline is 12/5/19.
Questions? Please email our graduate coordinator Katie Ulmer (" ><>) or developmental area head Leah Doane (" ><>).