Graduate Student (PhD) Positions in Experimental Psychology
Language, Learning, and Development Lab
Oklahoma State University

The Language, Learning, and Development Lab at Oklahoma State University, directed by Dr. Sarah Kucker, is inviting applications for the PhD program in Experimental Psychology, to begin Fall 2020.

Dr. Kucker’s lab focuses on language development, word learning, and categorization during infancy and early childhood. Intrinsic to this is a focus on the mechanisms (especially associative and implicit processes) that underlie learning across multiple domains, and the dynamic interplay of various factors over time to explain both typical and atypical developmental trajectories. More details can be found here<> or by emailing Dr. Sarah Kucker at <>

The Department of Psychology at Oklahoma State University admits only full-time students working toward a Ph.D. The M.S. degree is awarded as the first step in doctoral training. The Experimental Psychology program aims to provide students with a broad research-based training in the psychological sciences and offers four concentrations/tracks – cognitive, comparative-neurobiology, development, and social-personality. The department houses 10 full-time experimental faculty and an additional 12 clinical faculty who represent a diverse knowledge base. Students are encouraged to engage in research with multiple faculty and utilize the multiple opportunities for collaboration.
More information on the graduate program in psychology (both experimental and clinical psychology):
More information on the Experimental PhD program and application instructions:

Applications are due December 1st and must be submitted online through the graduate college:

Candidates interested in working with Dr. Kucker are encouraged to communicate their research interests and any questions prior to applying: <>