Position title Graduate Student, Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology Doctoral Program, University of Montana Position description Dr. Rachel Severson, director of the Minds Lab, is seeking a talented and motivated graduate student to begin Fall 2020. At The Minds Lab, we study how children think about others’ minds and internal states. We are particularly interested in how children extend minds and internal states to inanimate nature and technologies, such as rocks and robots — and the consequences of doing so. How does their conception of others’ minds inform their learning (for example, determining who might be a good source of knowledge) and their moral judgments (for example, determining whether one has moral standing or can be held morally accountable)? We examine these questions developmentally (from preschoolers to early adolescence, as well as adults) and cross-culturally. Name of department/lab The Minds Lab: hs.umt.edu/psychology/severson/ Experimental Psychology Ph.D. Program: hs.umt.edu/psychology/experimental-psychology/default.php Name of supervisor Dr. Rachel Severson Closing date –Application Deadline: December 1 (complete application packets received after this date will be considered on a space available basis)