Within the Department of Human Development and Family Science at Virginia Tech, three faculty members are conducting cognitive development research and would like to highlight their respective research labs and the program as a whole for prospective graduate students.
Dr. Koeun Choi directs the Cognitive Developmental Science (CoDeS) Lab<kchoi.org/>. Dr. Choi’s research bridges cognitive development and digital technology to understand and support children’s learning. More information about Dr. Choi’s work can be found here<liberalarts.vt.edu/departments-and-schools/department-of-human-development-and-family-science/faculty/koeun-choi.html>.
Dr. Caroline Hornburg directs the Learning and Development Lab<vtlearnlab.com/>. Dr. Hornburg’s research focuses on children’s mathematical thinking and learning, as well as broader applications of cognitive science principles to educational settings. More information about Dr. Hornburg’s work can be found here<liberalarts.vt.edu/departments-and-schools/department-of-human-development-and-family-science/faculty/caroline-hornburg.html>.
Dr. Benjamin Katz directs the Cognitive Aging and Translational Science Laboratory<caatslab.com/>. Dr. Katz’s research focuses on developing interventions to improve cognitive function for individuals throughout the lifespan, including children with ADHD and older adults at risk for dementia. More information about Dr. Katz’s work can be found here<liberalarts.vt.edu/departments-and-schools/department-of-human-development-and-family-science/faculty/ben-katz.html>.
The Ph.D. Program in Human Development at Virginia Tech: · Offers opportunities for cross-disciplinary research, · Focuses on theory and research training for pursuing academic and research careers, and · Provides funding through research and/or teaching assistantships
There are four focus areas of study: adult development and aging, child and adolescent development, family studies, and marriage and family therapy. Faculty members actively publish and present with graduate students and have strong records of research support from state, federal, and foundation sources. A full list of faculty members in the department and their areas of expertise can be found here<liberalarts.vt.edu/departments-and-schools/department-of-human-development-and-family-science/faculty.html>.
For more information, see the attached brochure. To apply, visit hdfs.vt.edu<hdfs.vt.edu/>. The application deadline is January 5th, 2020.
Prospective students interested in working with either Dr. Choi, Dr. Hornburg, or Dr. Katz are encouraged to get in touch via email (<>, <>, <>) if they have any questions.