Postdoctoral Fellowship in Labs of Cognitive Neuroscience, Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard School of Medicine (Charles A. Nelson, Ph.D.)

Under the direction of Charles A. Nelson, Ph.D., the Nelson lab is currently seeking a Postdoctoral Research Fellow to assist with several research studies involving infants and young children diagnosed with, or at risk for various neurodevelopmental disorders, but in particular, autism. These projects use a variety of methods to investigate child development across the lifespan (measures include eye tracking, electrophysiology, near infrared spectroscopy, genetics, skin conductance, heart rate, and standardized behavior assessments). The position will involve participation in all levels of the research investigation and qualified applicants will assist with data collection as well as oversee data analysis. At the present time we are conducting studies with the following populations: children with autism; infants with an older sibling with autism; children with various gene disorders (e.g., tuberous sclerosis complex, Rett Syndrome, and PTEN).

Qualifications: The qualified applicant will have a Ph.D. in developmental or clinical psychology, neuroscience or cognitive neuroscience. Preferred applicants will have experience with EEG/ERP and/or advanced signal processing routines. Experience conducting research with infants and/or children with an autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disorders is strongly preferred.

This position is open for a start date of July 1st, 2020. A 2-year commitment is preferred. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

For consideration, please submit a letter of interest and curriculum vita to Dr. Charles Nelson ().