Post-doctoral position in functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) and EEG for neuro-cognitive development in infants The Medical Optics research group led by Prof. Turgut Durduran at ICFO, in collaboration with the Speech Acquisition and Perception group led by Prof. Nuria Sebastian Galles at UPF-Pompeu Fabra University, both in Barcelona (Spain), are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow to work in a multi-disciplinary project to study neuro-cognitive development in infants using functional near-infrared & diffusion correlation (fNIRS & fDCS) spectroscopies coupled with EEG recording. This project is part of an on-going collaboration to utilize a newly developed fNIRS and fDCS system alongside EEG to study speech acquisition and perception in infants. We are carrying out studies in advanced protocols while developing new probes, new instrumentation and analysis routines for the fNIRS and fDCS data.
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