Searching for a postdoc to join the research team at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC in Roanoke, VA. The research aims to understand the biological pathways (e.g. early nutrition – breastfeeding, the infant gut microbiome, etc.) through which mothers affect their infant’s brain and behavioral development, with a particular interest in serving at-risk populations (i.e. low resourced communities, prenatal substance exposure, etc.). While our primary focus is prospective, longitudinal neuroimaging (i.e. MRI) beginning in infancy, we also collect several other concurrent measures, including milk samples, infant fecal samples, and behavioral measures including parent-report and direct infant assessments in the lab.
The Postdoctoral Associate would work on research projects including, but not limited to, examining brain and behavioral development and specific components of breast milk, and variation in the infant gut microbiome. This role will serve as part of the research team working collaboratively and independently to collect and interpret human subject data for research projects. The Howell team is a collaborative group aimed at producing the highest quality science to ultimately improve the lives of mothers and infants.
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