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This position is located at 355 E Erie Street, Chicago, IL.
The Research Assistant is responsible for conducting literature searches, data management, recruiting participants, obtaining consents, maintaining files, scheduling appointments with patients families, data entry into REDCap, using scoring software, assisting with data analysis and generating correspondence, generating reports and graphics, providing support to study personnel as required. He or she will assist with sensor placement or other activities during therapy or assessment sessions, which may involve travel to local hospitals or participants’ homes.
The Research Assistant will consistently demonstrate support of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab statement of Vision, Mission and Core Values by striving for excellence, contributing to the team efforts and showing respect and compassion for patients and their families, fellow employees, and all others with whom there is contact at or in the interest of the institute.
The Research Assistant will demonstrate Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Core Attributes: Communication, Accountability, Flexibility/Adaptability, Judgment/Problem Solving, Customer Service and Core Values (Hope, Compassion, Discovery, Collaboration, and Commitment to Excellence) while fulfilling job duties.

Principal Responsibilities
Responsibilities will vary according to the phase of the project, but could include any or all of the following:
1. Schedules and confirms participants for hospital and/or home therapy sessions
2. Retrieves and records data from medical records and records data from interviews on appropriate forms.
3. Assists in development of data tables, graphs and charts and preparation of material for presentation
4. Assists in the collection of new data through coding, transcribing, and recording collected information, generating reports detailing the data collected.
5. Conducts literature searches, copying and distributing articles as appropriate.
6. Assists with scheduling appointments
7. Travels to participants’ homes as necessary
8. Maintains an inventory of data collection forms to ensure ease of data retrieval.
9. Assists in analysis of qualitative and quantitative data by coding and transcribing interviews.
10. Assists with record keeping
11. Works collaboratively with lead team members to identify needs and modify study materials, as needed
12. Participates in regular study team meetings as required by team leaders
13. Performs all other duties that may be assigned in the best interest of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Working Conditions
1. Normal office/research laboratory environment with little or no exposure to dust or extreme temperature.
2. May involve travel to other hospital/research sites and possibly to participants’ homes. Interviews/experiments may require flexible day, evening and/or weekend hours.

Closing date: No closing date

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