The Section on Analytical and Functional Biophotonics at the National Institutes of Child Health and Human development led by Amir Gandjbakhche ( is searching for a postdoctoral fellow to work on a multimodal Bench-to-Bedside project on the Human Mirror Neuron system. The lab maintains close collaborations with intramural researchers within the National Institutes of Health, namely Dr. Audrey Thurm at the National Institute of Mental Health, and with extramural collaborators, such as Dr. Nathan Fox at the Child Development Lab, University of Maryland.

The postdoc will work on an existing longitudinal study investigating the neural basis of the human mirroring system in typically developing infants and infants at risk for neurodevelopmental disorders using EEG and fNIRS. Other methods used in the lab include behavioral testing and questionnaires. Candidates will primarily be responsible for collecting and analyzing EEG and fNIRS data, overseeing a team of postbaccalaureate research assistants, and writing scientific papers and presentations. Candidates with a strong background in EEG and/or fNIRS in developmental populations will be most suited for the job. The candidate should be able to work independently and in a team environment.


  1. A Ph.D in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, or a related field awarded by May 2021.
  2. Previous experience with either EEG or fNIRS data collection and processing.

Preference will be given to those with:

  1. Publications in either EEG or fNIRS.
  2. Previous research experience with developmental populations (e.g., infants, toddlers).
  3. Experience with EEG/fNIRS processing software (e.g., MatLab, EEGLab, Homer2).
  4. Experience with statistical software (e.g., SPSS, R, MatLab)
  5. Experience with stimulus presentation software (e.g., E-Prime, PsychoPy).
  6. History of teaching/mentoring and ability to manage multipart projects.

The position start date is Spring/Summer 2021. Interested candidates should submit a CV, letter of research interest, and the names and contact information for three references to Amir Gandjbakhche ( ) and Helga Miguel ().

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