Researchers in the Yale Imaging and Psychopharmacology Lab (YIP) and the Before and After Baby Lab (BABL) will select one or more highly qualified college graduates for research fellowship positions at the Yale’s Department of Psychiatry and Yale’s Child Study Center (CSC). The accepted fellow(s) will assist in data collection for a longitudinal study focusing on neurobiological and psychosocial trajectories among pregnant women in treatment for opioid-use disorder. Accepted fellow(s) will also receive mentorship in neuroimaging methods, addiction assessments, and psychosocial stress assessments. This will include opportunities for data analysis, conference attendance, and manuscript generation.This collaboration brings together experts in maternal and infant research with quantitatively trained neuroimagers and addiction experts. Specifically, this position will be mentored by Drs. Sarah Yip ( ) and Helena Rutherford ( fellow will be directly mentored by Drs. Yip and Rutherford and will be involved in a highly active and productive community of clinical research scientists. The Fellow will learn how to collect and analyze functional MRI data using traditional (GLM-based) and advanced (e.g., connectivity) methods. This will include learning about the underlying principles and when best to apply a certain method depending on the study’s objective. The Fellow will also have the opportunity to contribute to a manuscript for publication. They will also receive training in working with individuals with substance-use disorders, including participant recruitment, screening, and fMRI scanning. This will allow the Fellow to learn about special considerations for substance-use research in a hands-on manner.TrainingThe fellow will also assist in a variety of scientific activities in the lab, including assisting in the preparation of manuscripts and conference presentations, and providing general assistance relevant to the functioning of the lab. The fellowship’s curriculum also includes participation in weekly research meetings, research tutorials and courses, and other didactic experiences at the Yale’s Department of Psychiatry and Yale Child Study Center.Education/ExperienceBA or BS required. Psychology, Pre-Med, or Neuroscience background required with research experience.Additional InformationIn accordance with university requirements for a safe return to in-person university operations, all faculty, staff, and postdoctoral and postgraduate trainees will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by August 1. For additional information, please visit

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