ICIS Travel Awards

ICIS is pleased to announce Travel awards offered for ICIS members.  Please note the various open and close dates for each award.


All Travel Awards Open:

February 1, 2022


All Travel Awards Close:

March 1, 2022, at 23:59 Central Standard Time

ICIS Graduate Student Travel Awards

Awarded to Graduate students who are members of ICIS and have an accepted presentation at the Congress.

The award consists of $550USD that can be used toward travel, accommodation or registration.  The funds will be wire transferred following check in at the Congress and receipt of applicable forms.


  • All applicants are required to be the presenting author on their accepted poster or presentation.
  • Eligibility is limited to ICIS members in good standing.
  • Presenting author must be a current graduate student at the time of the congress to be eligible.
Simons Foundation Travel Awards
Awarded to young scholars from backgrounds underrepresented in science.


  • Eligibility is limited to current graduate students or those who have received a PhD or equivalent degree within the past ten years.
  • All applicants are required to be the presenting author on their accepted poster or presentation or be an undergraduate or staff researcher who played a major role in the research, or the research to be presented was conducted while the awardee was an undergraduate or staff researcher. Priority will be given to first authors and authors of presentations receiving the highest peer review ratings in the formal ICIS review process
  • The awardees must be from a racial, ethnic or disability group that has been historically under represented in science (according to the NIH URM standards)
Undergraduate Travel Awards

With grant support from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, ICIS is pleased to fund undergraduate students to the International Congress of Infant Studies in 2022.  Preference in the allocation of travel support funding will be given to undergraduates who are members of unrepresented groups in science.  We welcome applications from student authors whose work has been accepted for presentation at the conference and from students who are interested in learning more about infancy research.

Applicants must be enrolled as undergraduate students at the time of the award.  Applicants from underrepresented groups (ethnic and racial minorities, first-generation college students, as well as members of various other diverse groups), are especially encouraged to apply.  Factors considered in the determination of the awards will include:

    1. Applicant’s underrepresented group status
    2. Applicant’s personal statement regarding the award’s career impact potential
    3. Applicant’s involvement to date in developmental research or preparation (e.g. coursework, relevant field experience, author on a poster accepted to the conference, etc)
    4. Financial need (include estimate of travel costs and other potential sources of funding, such as support from college or university).  When creating a budget, include the following:
      • Registration – $0.00 as waived by ICIS
      • Lodging – Estimate $130 (100GBP), shared by 2 people = $65 per night
      • Meals and Incidental expenses = $50 per day
      • Airfare – provide two quotes, including screen shots from travel sites like Travelocity and Kayak.  Plan to arrive by the afternoon of July 7 and depart late on July 10 or early July 11.

    Applications for travel awards should be submitted electronically (starting February 1st, 2022) in one file to the Secretariat via email and must include the following information:

    • A short (<500 word) essay explicitly addressing the four criteria above, in the order listed
    • Budget with appropriate screen shots
    • A letter of support from a faculty member, submitted on college/university letterhead. Faculty members should comment on the student’s motivation to conduct or learn more about developmental research and how attending the conference will advance the student’s long term goals.  In addition, the committee would like to know whether the faculty member plans to attend the conference and whether he/she will be able to mentor the applicant to facilitate a positive conference experience.  If the faculty member cannot attend, a mentor will be assigned to the awardee by the ICIS Undergraduate Committee.

    Determination of award recipients and amounts will be conducted by the ICIS Undergraduate Committee.  Funds may be used for transportation, lodging, food and/or child-care expenses pertaining to attending the conference.  Distribution of monies is contingent upon proper documentation of expenses and submission of receipts.

    Questions can be addressed to Sam Putnam or Martha Arterberry.