Below are links to research-related websites and resources whose interests overlap with ICIS. If you would like to share a link that would be of interest to ICIS members, please contact us.

Webinar Resources

The following videos are now available in the member only area of the website. If you are not a member, consider joining ICIS to access these resources. For more details on each video, click the event title.

Additional webinar recordings can be found on the Members only area of the website under Member Resources.  Click here to login.

Symposium Series:

A Global Perspective on the Effect of Poverty on Infant Development

Tool of the Trade Series:
Behavioral coding webinar

Testing babies online:
Assessing infants’ preferences and expectations over Lookit and Zoom 

R for Developmental Researchers Part 1 and Part 2

Career Series:
Career Paths & Opportunities Part 1

Career Paths & Opportunities Part 2

Potential Funding Sources

Listed below are just some of the potential funding sources ICIS members can look into.

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (NARSAD)

European Research Council

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

John Templeton Foundation

Jacobs Foundation

The Lego Foundation

National Institutes of Health

William T Grant Foundation

Your national granting institutions and private foundations

Non-Commercial Research Tools
Partner Organizations

Some of the organizations ICIS has partnered with, or is a member of, to benefit the membership

Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences

International Consortium of Developmental Science Societies

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