ICIS Elections

Have a Voice: Participate in the Board Nominations and Election Process 

We are currently accepting nominations for both the board elections for the 2024 – 2030 board term.

ICIS members are invited to participate in the election process by nominating candidates or standing for the upcoming board elections.  The Nomination Committee will consider all nominations and create a slate of candidates for our open positions.

Positions Available

(1) President-Elect

(1) Board Member representing North America

(1) Board Member with no geographic representation

Board members are expected to:

    • Commit to attending quarterly board meetings
    • Join and actively participate in board committees (e.g., membership, awards, undergraduate)
    • Actively work toward ICIS strategic goals

Duties of the Board

The duties of the Board are to conduct the business of the Society, including but not limited to:

    • Formulating policy and referring policy decisions to the Membership for approval
    • Selecting chairpersons for standing committees and other committees established by the Board
    • Soliciting nominations and preparing election slates for Board Member elections and confirming election results
    • Selecting the Editor of any journal publications sponsored by the Society
    • Serving on a committee that meets every 3 months ahead of the quarterly board meeting
    • Entering into contracts with external organizations to assist with the management of the Society. Such an agreement will require a majority vote by the Board for any contracts and amendments
    • Ongoing efforts as needed in running the business of the society in activities including but not limited to input on fund raising efforts, creating new initiatives and assisting with existing initiatives for undergraduates, graduates, early career scholars, and the membership at large (e.g., awards, webinars and workshops), and outreach to and collaboration with other relevant societies

The terms begin July 2024 and end July 2030.

2024 Elections Timeline

Nominations open: February 14

Nominations close: February 28

Elections open: March 14

Elections close: April 4

Nomination Process

You must be an ICIS member (current dues paid) to nominate a colleague (they must also be a member) or self-nominate.

Nominations must be received by February 28 at 5:00pm PDT to the ICIS Secretariat via email.

Although a letter is not required, the following candidate information must be provided:

    • Name
    • Institution/Affiliation
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Position considered

Should the candidate be chosen to be on the ballot, they will be asked to provide a short 50-word bio and statement on what they will bring to the ICIS board for inclusion in the election documents.

Thank you for your support in providing strong ICIS leadership through your nominations.