ICIS Summer Fellowship

ICIS would like to congratulate the following ICIS Summer Fellowship winners.

ICIS Undergraduate Summer Research Fellows, 2017

Cynthia Alvarado-Martinez

University of California, Davis

Maternal Depression and Mother-Infant Interactions in Mexican Origin Families

PI:  Leah Hibel, University of California, Davis

Avery Bonner

New York University

Implicit Gendered Linguistic Bias in Parental Descriptions of Young Children

PI: Clancy Blair, New York University

Sabrina Haskinson

University of Oregon

Musical Moments in Infants’ Everyday Environments

PI: Caitlin Fausey, University of Oregon

Valeria Miramontes

Autonomous University of Morelos State
Interrelationships between Temperament, Language, Joint Attention, Visual Attention and Visual Working Memory at 5, 8, 11 and 14 months

PI: Wallace Dixon, Jr., Eastern Tennessee State University

Pascale Saad

College of Staten Island- City University of New York

Timing of Sleep and its Effect on Infant Motor Problem Solving

Sarah Berger, College of Staten Island- City University of New York

Erica Smolinski

University of Minnesota
Examining Maternal Mentalization during Pregnancy: Individual Differences and Prenatal Factors Associated with Women’s Conceptualizations of Their Child at 35-39 Gestational Weeks

PI: Megan Gunnar, University of Minnesota

Anele Villanueva

San Diego State University
Parent-child Interactions in Different Activity Contexts in Low-Income Hispanic Families

PI: Adriana Weisleder, Bellevue Project for Early Language, Literacy and Education Success (BELLE); New York University School of Medicine

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