Review Panel

Abstracts submitted for the 2022 meeting will be reviewed by the following panels. Thank you to all chairs and panel members for their time and dedication to ICIS.

To view the list of panel chairs and members, please expand the toggles below by clicking on the name of the panel.


Panel 1: Motor and Sensorimotor Processes
Chairs: Laura Claxton and Klaus Libertus

Panel 2: Developmental Neuroscience

Chairs: Tobias Grossmann and Victoria Leong

Panel 3: Perception

Chairs: Lauren Emberson and Gudrun Schwarzer

Panel 4: Communication 1 (speech perception, phonology and word-level processes)

Chairs: Chris Fennell and Judit Gervain

Panel 5: Communication 2 (syntax, pragmatics, signed, nonverbal, disorders)

Chairs: Jeff Lidz and Kelsey Lucca

Panel 6: Attention, Memory and Learning

Chairs: Kimberly Cuevas and Angela Lukowski

Panel 7: Cognitive Development

Chairs: Sara Cordes and Moritz Daum

Panel 8: Social Development

Chairs: Audun Dahl and Lauren Howard

Panel 9: Emotional Development

Chairs: Robert Hepach and Eric A Walle

Panel 10: Translational Science and Policy

Chairs: Kim Boller and Sarah Friedman