Review Panel

Abstracts submitted for the 2020 meeting will be reviewed by the following panels. Thank you to all chairs and panel members for their time and dedication to ICIS.

To view the list of panel chairs and members, please expand the toggles below by clicking on the name of the panel.


Panel 1: Motor and Sensorimotor Processes

Chairs: Marianne Barbu Roth and Andy Bremner

Panel 2: Developmental Neuroscience

Chairs: Claudia Männel and Audrey van der Meer

Panel 3: Perception

Chairs: Viridiana Benitez and Olivier Pascalis

Panel 4: Communication 1 (speech perception, phonology and word-level processes)

Chairs: Krista Byers-Heinlein and Thiery Nazzi

Panel members:

Mireille Babineau Ecole Normale Supérieure
Christina Bergman Mac Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Alexis Black University of British Columbia
Arielle Borovskty Purdue University
Heather Bortfeld University of California- Merced
Federica Bulgarelli Duke University
Chris Fennell University of Ottawa
Adrian Garcia-Sierra University of Conneticut
Marina Kalashnikova Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language
Ferhat Karaman Uşak University
Casey Lew Williams Princeton University
Jefferey Lidz University of Maryland
Nivedita Mani Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Monika Molnar University of Toronto
Rochelle Newman University of Maryland
Ferran Pons University of Barcelona
Amanda Seidl Purdue University
Leher Singh National University of Singapore
Megha Sundara University of California – Los Angeles
Feng-Ming Tsao National Taiwan University
Angeline Tsui Stanford University
Sho Tsuji University of Tokyo
Katie Von Holzen University of Maryland
Katherine White University of Waterloo
Henny Yeung Simon Fraser University
Panel 5: Communication 2 (syntax, pragmatics, signed, nonverbal, disorders)

Chairs: Jill Lany and Carolyn Quam

Panel 6: Attention, Memory and Learning

Chairs: Zsuzsa Kaldy and Rachel Wu

Panel 7: Cognitive Development

Chairs: Kiley Hamlin and Shannon Ross-Sheehy

Panel 8: Social Development

Chairs: Gabriela Markova and Vincent Reid

Panel 9: Emotional Development

Chairs:  Jennifer Ablow and Anjolii Diaz

Panel 10: Translational Science and Policy

Chairs: Erika Bocknek and Nancy Suchman