Presentation Guidelines

These instructions will help guide you through the process of creating individual presentations. 

Presentation Guidelines ICIS 2022

Guidelines for poster presentation:

Set-up / removal

Poster session 1 – Friday, July 8
Poster hours: 15:30 – 17:00
Poster set-up: Friday, July 8: 07:45 – 08:30
(posters will be on display all day)
Removal of all posters by: 18:00 on Friday, July 8

Poster session 2 – Saturday, July 9
Poster hours: 15:45 – 17:15
Poster set-up: Saturday, July 9: 07:45 – 08:30
(posters will be on display all day)
Removal of all posters by: 18:00 on Saturday, July 9

Poster session 3 – Sunday, July 10
Poster hours: 10:00 – 11:30
Poster set-up: Sunday, July 10: 07:45 – 08:30
(posters will be on display all day)
Removal of all posters by: 12:15 on Sunday, July 10

  • You must include your poster number at the top right of your poster
  • You will be provided with a maximum surface area of 100cm x 100cm (3.2′ x 3.2′) to display your poster. Posters can not exceed this size
  • Velcro dots will be provided for you to affix your poster to the display board
  • You may hand out information sheets to those viewing your poster
  • Poster material must be prepared in advance and should be large enough to be viewed from a distance of approximately 3′ (1 m) or more
  • Each poster must have a top label indicating the title of the paper, the names of the authors and their affiliations. The size of the characters for the title should be at least one inch high
  • Keep illustrative material simple. Charts, drawings and illustrations may be similar to those used in making slides – preferably with bolder, heavier figures. These materials should be mounted on fairly stiff paper – but NOT heavy cardboard
  • “Introduction” and “Conclusion” sections are usually helpful
  • When feasible, use graphs for demonstrating qualitative relationships, tables of precise numerical values
  • If used, photographs should be in a matte finish, not glossy
  • Do not fold posters; roll and carry them in an appropriate container
  • Do not mail poster presentations in advance; bring them with you to the Conference
  • Conference staff will be present to assist you during the poster set up times
  • Removal and collection of posters at the end of the display period remains the responsibility of the author(s). Posters not removed by the indicated take down time will be removed and disposed of by conference staff.

Symposia Presentation Guidelines:

Each symposium is 90 minutes in length including time for Questions and Answers.  Kindly ensure that there is ample time for audience participation and discussion during the scheduled symposium time.

The meeting room will be equipped with:

  • Projector and screen (please use 16:9 slide ratio)
  • Lectern microphone
  • Laser pointer and slide advancer
  • Computer audio sound if any videos/audio are being presented
  • Wifi (it is recommended that any video that is to be shown is downloaded and embedded in the presentation as the bandwidth may not be strong enough if multiple presenters are showing videos at the same time)



You will be required to use your own laptop to connect to the LCD projector.  Please note, VGA and HDMI cables will be provided.  If you use a MAC or have a different connection, please provide your own adapters/dongles.  You will be able to test your laptop prior to your session starting during either a lunch break or poster session.  Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled presentation time to test the laptop.

For ease of transition, and to give all presenters a fair amount of presenting time., it is recommended that presenters load all presentations on to one laptop where possible


Oral Presentation Guidelines:

The oral talk sessions will be moderated by a chair and will have 4 talks in a 90-minute time block.  Each speaker will have 15 minutes to present.  Following all the presentations, there will be 30 minutes for discussions on the presentations and questions.  We anticipate these sessions will spark lively and in-depth discussion and audience participation. 

Presentation Guidelines:
If you have slides for your talk, it is required that you upload any Ppt. presentations on to one laptop (a PC, provided in the meeting room stated above) in advance of your session. This is for ease of transition, and to give all presenters a fair amount of presenting time. Please remember to include your session code on the file name.